Template:TagSyncPage Template:Tlx is used for explaining the different translation forms of a name or word.

Note that there are some extra options used for different Wikia in the [[Template:GENetworkWikia Graphical Entertainment Project|Wikia Graphical Entertainment Project]] so there may be some unneeded ones on some wikia.

Usage Edit


Parameters Explained Edit

  1. Official Name; Proper English most of the time. (Required)
  2. Japanese (Optional)
  3. Romanized Japanese (Optional)
  4. Extra info for inside the brackets. (Optional)
  • eng: English translation (If different from Official name, or if no English version exists). (Optional)
  • latin: Latin translation. (Optional)
  • funi: Translation used by FUNimation. (Optional)
  • jpf: Translation used by jpf Media. (Optional)
  • engtv: Translation used by English TV. (Optional)
  • ukdvd: Translation used by UK DVD's. (Optional)
  • fansub: Translation according to most [[Template:GENetworkFansubs|Fansubs]]. (Optional)
  • lit meaning: Literal Meaning (Word's meaning in English) (Optional)
  • jpf meaning: jpf Meaning (Word's meaning as stated by jpf Media) (Optional)
  • engtv meaning: English TV Meaning (Word's meaning as stated by English Television) (Optional)

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